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 Jason is an industry leading expert in interior finishes innovation and adaption of materials and construction techniques. Having been in the millwork industry since his teen years he has acquired hands on experience of construction techniques, materials uses, and installation techniques. Moving from the manufacturing floor into acquiring several businesses from medical fixtures, to alternative materials, to high-end custom millwork manufacturers has given Jason a truly unique perspective on cost man­agement, value engineering, and design performance.
Through many years of providing projects like federal courthouses, banks, law enforcement centers, and private homes, Jason has acquired many different perspectives on personal defense, and counter threat tactics. Additionally, he has trained with groups from several law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams, military groups including Navy SEALS, and military snipers on basic attack scenarios, including structure assaults, and counter attack scenarios.
This unique blend of tactical experience combined with extensive wood­working knowledge can make your defensive position safe, beautiful, and strong.

Tyler graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Criminal Justice Major, and Business Management Minor. He has since worked and trained with the United States Marshals Service, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and a variety of private security contractors. Tyler’s training includes, but is not limited to: Urban Combat, Small Team Tactics, CQC (Close Quarters Combat), Executive Protection, Home Defense, Vehicle Combat, Defensive Driving, TCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), Edged Weapons, Krav Maga, and has competed in a variety of Mixed Martial Arts.


Ryan is a retired Sergeant and U.S. Army Scout Recon. He served in Afghanistan (2004-2005) and Iraq (2006-2007), and was medically evacu­ated in each conflict as a result of combat injuries. Ryan has also served as a Corrections Officer for the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department and as a consultant for various government and local enforcement agencies. He has also served as personal security for high-profile clients.
Ryan is currently Sr. Sales Mgr. at Aaron Carlson Ballistics and is the founder of Consummate Warrior LLC. He also is currently assisting in the following:
- Consultant on veteran’s mental health issues
- WRAP facilitator
- Peer Support Specialist
- Mentor with Wounded Warrior Project
- Member of CDMRP (Congressional Directed Medical Review Panel) for DoD
- CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) for MN DOC and local law enforcement
- Veteran Scholar and Fellow with Minnesota Humanities Center
He also is a public speaker and advocate for Veteran’s issues relating to mental health and the criminal justice system.


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