About Ballistics

about ballistics

We, at Aaron Carlson, know that your security needs change as you move throughout your day.  Our experience and craftsmanship allow us to transform with you and your environment making it beautiful, safe and blend naturally with other decor.  We offer three levels of protection; and all three can be blended into any custom need you may have.

Level 1: When Seconds Matter

When facing a threatening situation often times your best defense is to escape and evade the threat.  Level one provides the bare essentials of protection from doors with locking systems to slow down an attacker, to ballistic solutions to impede an attacker and offer protection from active shooter assaults.

Level 2: When Minutes Matter

Some attacks can come in the form of a prolonged sequence. This may have you falling back to a known area for a period of time while you wait for authorities or private security personnel to arrive.  In this case, you must prepare the area to survive a sustained attack.  We can offer solutions that integrate protection into the walls, floors, ceilings, and doors to withstand a continuous attack from several methods of assault.

Level 3: When Your Help Isn't Immediately Available

This is the worst case scenario.  Many people fearing an assault of this nature may need to consider an actual safe room.  If your budget or space does not allow for such a room, we can offer our Level 3 protection from a constant and prolonged attack.  Our years of serving Federal Courthouses and other high value targets have given us the ability to integrate concealed safe areas into spaces that would otherwise not allow for such locations.  This solution can include options from Level 1 and 2, but also innovative concepts from fresh air supply to communications technology for the survivor to help outside authorities bring the situation under control.  You may never need this level of protection, but if you do, this option will possibly save you life.

We want you and your loved ones to be safe.  We produce the most beautifully crafted bullet and forced entry resistant products on the market.  These products include:

- Bullet resistant wooden doors -
- Bullet resistant wooden frames -
- Bullet resistant panels -
- Bullet resistant rooms -
Our products provide the maximum bullet resistance available today in a variety of protection levels, and are widely used in courtrooms, government and corporate offices, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, remote electronic buildings, check cashing facilities, residential and any place where ballistic and attack resistance security is required.

All of our ballistic products offer maximum protection in all product sizes and styles.  Each come in protection levels UL 1-8.